Key West Sightseeing Tours with Southernmost Ducks

Tank Duck

The Southernmost Duck is not just a bus; it’s a boat. Our specially designed, hydra-terra, amphibious vehicle is Coast Guard approved, virtually unsinkable, safe and comfortable. And the best part—it goes from the street right into the water without missing a beat! Being able to transfer from land to sea in the blink of an eye offers our guests one of the most unique Key West Sightseeing Tours and gives them the opportunity to explore Key West’s historic coast.

Manufactured by Cool Amphibious Manufacturers International, the Southernmost Duck is a newly fabricated amphibious vehicle that is designed to provide a safe and comfortable ride for passengers both on the highway and in the sea.

At forty feet long and eight feet wide, the Duck is built to go directly from the street into the water and back to the street again without any conversion or changes necessary. The wheels stay just where they are, while the Captain simply switches gears from axel to out drive once the vehicle is afloat.

The rows of bench-styled cushioned seats make for a relaxing and comfortable ride and the open sides ensure everyone gets an exceptional view while aboard their fascinating Key West Boat Tours. The Duck’s unique design allows for a stable ride in the water and an easy transition back onto the street.